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Digital marketing tools and strategies can support your attendance of foreign trade fairs and events, building your company’s brand awareness and online recognition, often resulting in profitable offline results. Being well-known and easily recognisable online, often means a considerable increase in the number of potential leads and, in turn, customers.

For our machinery sector clients, we have implemented international B2B strategies, boosting their brand awareness and sales revenues. We have helped them export their products to various countries, among which Spain, France, the USA, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Qatar and Indonesia.

The world of Digital Marketing for Exporting is vast and holds immense potential for businesses aspiring to go global. Mintense stands as the beacon of success in this arena, offering tailored solutions that drive international growth.
The opportunities for exporters offered by digital marketing are many, but taking advantage of them is not that easy. For this reason, it is necessary to work with an expert and trustworthy digital agency, which is capable of developing winning international marketing strategies.

Discover the secrets of location-based digital marketing for trade shows and events; the key to reaching leads in the vicinity and converting them into customers.
If your company attends trade shows and events and you want to increase your customer base, you would be well-advised to take advantage of the opportunities offered by location-based digital marketing, which guarantees a constant flow of visitors and potential leads to your stand.

Why use a SEO consulting service and Google Ads (Pay-per-Click)? Because to grow your business, it is important to take advantage of the enormous potential offered by search engines. In the internet era, there are still many companies which are under-digitalised and not able to benefit from digital marketing activities.
 If you’re seeking to boost your online presence, our agency will be able to help you expand both locally and internationally, thanks to the strategies we’ve developed over our 12 years of experience.

Email databases represent a very advanced and powerful tool for B2B marketing. They are, in fact, likely to be the most useful tool in the web marketing world to achieve sales. Using emails for digital marketing purposes means essentially two things: DEM (Direct Email Marketing) and Newsletters. Although both consist of sending promotional, informational and news emails to a list of contacts, there are differences between the two.

Digital marketing refers to the diverse marketing activities undertaken by a company to promote its business using various web channels. Increasing product sales, boosting brand awareness, finding new customers: these are only some of the goals a company might want to achieve.
They are also completely unattainable goals if a company does not have the right people within its team. This is when it becomes indispensable to call on external experts who can offer a complete strategic consulting service in digital marketing matters.

Digital marketing brings together all the advantages of a digital advertising campaign, which are essential if you are seeking to grow your business in today’s online world. But how exactly does it work?
Digital marketing works mainly through two channels: social networks, with various Social Media Marketing strategies created according to a specific target audience; and through Google, using website SEO and PPC ads.

Pay-Per-Click in English, Russian, French, and Spanish: an effective way of promoting your products in Italy and abroad. One of the various types of internet advertising campaigns is Pay-Per-Click (PPC), where you don’t pay when a search engine user sees your ad, but only when they actually click on it.
One of the various types of internet advertising campaigns is Pay-Per-Click (PPC), where you don’t pay when a search engine user sees your ad, but only when they actually click on it.

The need for a robust International Digital Marketing Strategy is paramount, but first, what do we mean by International Digital Marketing Services? We mean services that offer you the opportunity to reach potential customers directly in their native language, gaining their trust and increasing their interest in the products you are promoting.

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