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How to Boost Visitors to Your Trade Show Stand Using Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essential for making your export-oriented company more visible at trade shows, and is the perfect strategy to acquire potential new customers and expand your business abroad.

Digital marketing tools and strategies can support your attendance of foreign trade fairs and events, building your company’s brand awareness and online recognition, often resulting in profitable offline results. Being well-known and easily recognisable online, often means a considerable increase in the number of potential leads and, in turn, customers.

A trade show is not only a place to engage with other professionals in your sector and an occasion to make new contacts, but is also a very important marketing tool for a company. It concentrates a large number of potential customers interested in your stand and products, in one place. A good digital marketing strategy is therefore of fundamental importance to stand out among your competitors and attract the public’s attention.

In particular, digital marketing is very important if you want to export, maybe by attending a foreign trade fair and connecting with foreign customers. The main challenge, in these cases, is that you will likely have little recognition abroad, a problem which can be easily solved with the correct location-based marketing strategy.

Carrying out digital marketing activities for trade fairs can be subdivided into three main phases: before, during, and after the fair, with the final goal of turning your leads into loyal customers.

Before the fair

Before the fair, the campaign must focus on advertising your company or brand through banner ads, images, social networks, videos, and press releases, with the goal of informing visitors about your company’s presence at the fair and driving them to visit your stand.
One of the main strategies currently used to increase the flow of visitors to your stand, is that of supplying and publicising brochures, e-books and documents about your company’s products, together with a schedule of the activities you will organise at your stand. In this way, potential customers will learn about your company online and will then come to your stand to visit you in person.

During the fair

Considering that when abroad you are likely to have only a few local acquaintances, it is important that your offline activities have a big effect online, to support your digital marketing to the fullest. You can, for example, offer visitors to have their picture taken at your stand and then publish them on your company’s social media profile. The visitor, who has already expressed interest in your company by visiting your stand, will then likely remember your company name more easily once back home. They will also want to visit your company’s website or social media profile to see their picture, while also reading your other content.

Another very useful tool to use during a trade fair, is location-based digital marketing, which allows your company to stand out among the competition, bringing you a constant flow of visitors.

After the fair

The digital marketing activities to support an export-oriented company that attends trade shows, also take place after the event has finished and contacts have been made. As previously mentioned, after having acquired a number of leads, it is time to turn them into customers. When the trade show finishes, you want to leave visitors with positive memories of what you presented to them. As they have likely visited dozens of other stands, it’s important to stand out and distinguish yourself.

In these cases too, digital marketing on social networks can help significantly, for example by posting the top 10 photos taken during the event and inviting the contacts you have made to keep in touch and up to date about your company’s activities.

The digital marketing work done after the event also includes important remarketing activities, which help to keep your brand visible to website visitors after they have left it, to then follow-up with them via the use of cookies, if they did not complete the desired action (e.g. subscribe to a newsletter, make a purchase, etc.).

We have therefore seen how important digital marketing is in advertising your company’s presence at a trade fair. After the event, your company will have a large number of new contacts and leads interested in your product, to follow-up with and target in the future.

Mintense is an agency specialised in digital marketing and in using all the tools necessary to allow your company to acquire leads and stand out from the rest of the competition. This is also possible thanks to the multilingual strategies we offer, an absolute necessity to growing your exports and becoming visible in foreign countries.

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