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The Advantages of Multilingual Pay-Per-Click

Pay-Per-Click in English, German, Russian, French, and Spanish: an effective way of promoting your products in Italy and abroad.

One of the various types of internet advertising campaigns is Pay-Per-Click (PPC), where you don’t pay when a search engine user sees your ad, but only when they actually click on it.

A multilingual PPC campaign (in French, Russian,German, Italian, English, or Spanish) is an effective way to reach audiences in different countries and make your brand known internationally. It is also an excellent tool for companies that have offices and target markets around the world.

PPC campaigns are an integral part of our MintMachine tool, which, starting from different kinds of campaigns, leads to considerable increases in the number of leads obtained.

The first thing we do when setting up a PPC campaign in English, Russian, French or Spanish, is to research the target market, which not only has a different native language to that of Italy, but also different customs, sayings and expressions.

The quality of a translation is the most important thing. In fact, ads cannot be simply translated into other languages, as a keyword that works in Italian may not work if translated literally into the language of the foreign target audience.

It is not only the ad that needs to be translated. The landing page too, in fact, has to be written in the same language of the ad and designed in a captivating way, to attract the visitor and potential customer.

The other aspect on which we focus is the study of the foreign market where the PPC campaign will be implemented. As not only the language, but also the market is different, we take into consideration the fact that the way internet searches and purchases are made varies from country to country. In a foreign market there could already be some established competitors. With a thorough competitor study, we are able to understand how to move within the market and what is the best strategy to generate leads from your landing page through a PPC campaign.

We pay particular attention to the most popular search engine in the country where you want to implement a PPC campaign and improve your SEO ranking. Not all of the world searches with Google. There are other search engines used every day, like Bing in the USA and Yandex  in Russia, which offer interesting opportunities to expand your business through PPC campaigns in these countries. Every search engine has its own specific characteristics, and it’s only by studying them that it is possible to implement a campaign that will yield the best results.

We have seen how many variables are involved in implementing a PPC campaign. Mintense manages all of them to create a PPC service that is quick, and that produces tangible results immediately. If you are thinking of expanding your business into new countries and want to see real results in your PPC campaigns, Mintense will give you the best advice and will fully personalise the management of your advertising campaign.

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