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Machinery and Industrial Exports

Mintense Case Study: Machinery Sector

For our machinery sector clients, we have implemented international B2B strategies, boosting their brand awareness and sales revenues. We have helped them export their products to various countries, among which Spain, France, the USA, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Qatar and Indonesia.

SEO Optimisation

For each of our clients we have SEO-optimised their websites in various languages, to improve their positioning in search engine results. Our work mainly focuses on Google and Bing, but also includes Yandex for those clients exporting to Russia.


With the objective of immediate lead generation and increasing the number of contacts and potential clients, we have implemented numerous successful Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns on internet search engines.

Each campaign has been created in a different language, depending on the export market in question. Why not just in English? Because it is very important to show ads to potential leads in their native language or in the language they use to search online. The PPC campaigns we have created to-date include:

  • Search campaigns to attract potential customers when they use online search engines.

  • Display campaigns to show banner ads to users as they browse a search engine’s partner websites.

  • Remarketing/retargeting campaigns to follow-up with users who have already shown an interest in your business.

  • Mobile campaigns to show text and image ads on smartphones, tablets and apps.

Campaigns for International Exhibitions & Trade Shows

For companies in the machinery sector, participating in industry trade fairs and exhibitions, is very important. For this reason, we have helped our clients with multilingual online promotions aimed at trade shows, and carry them out in three phases:

  • Pre-fair campaigns to inform potential leads of the upcoming trade show or exhibition, and of our client company’s participation;

  • Proximity marketing during the trade fair, which uses all possible online channels (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads) to attract geo-targeted leads in the vicinity to their stand;

  • Post-fair remarketing to remind those who visited the stand during the fair to visit our clients website and get in contact with the company for further information.

Multilingual Websites

To enable centralised management of our clients’ website content, we have developed a multilingual and multi-site CMS software system which several of our clients in the machinery sector have chosen for their websites.

If you want to know more about our strategy and how it can help your business, contact us now!

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