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Who we are

Digital Strategies for over 12 years
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Growing your business to the next level.

We’re a highly efficient and professional international digital marketing agency, with offices in London and Verona.

Our agency boasts over 12 years experience in the web marketing sector. Our experts provide solutions in multiple service areas: digital marketing strategies, SEO (including internationally), pay-per-click, social media campaigns, lead generation, and web design.

We help small local businesses, e-commerce and large companies to increase their sales using a multilingual strategy. A large number of our customers export globally, and we play a crucial role in helping them to reach their business goals. We have created multilingual campaigns in some 25 countries, translating and adapting advertising for local target markets.

As a digital marketing agency, we strategically help to build your online brand, improve your web presence, increase your client base and develop a more meaningful relationship with your customers. We are here to make your online business grow, offering you a free initial strategic consultation , and showing you possible scenarios for your digital marketing strategy implementation. Our service offering includes a final outcome evaluation of the improvement in your online presence and a list of future business aims.

The name Mintense comes from the overlap of two words: mint and intense, to underline the freshness of our ideas, and our strong work ethic and focus on achieving results.

Let us help your business grow!

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