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TikTok is the sixth most used social network in the world, with over 1 billion subscribers in the beginning of 2022 and still counting. The rapid growth of this lively social media all over Europe, most notably in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, has broadened its potential for advertisers, turning TikTok Ads into a key asset for your business, especially if your target audience includes people under the age of 34. 

How to Reach French Customers? As one of the United Kingdom's closest European neighbours and just a short trip away across the Channel, France might well be the ideal commercial partner for Britain. France offers significant potential for business growth.  With more and more French people using online shopping, Marketing in France is steadily on the rise.

In 2020, 75 % more Germans purchased online than in the previous three months of the previous year. Online revenue in e-commerce in Germany reached an all-time high of 95 billion Euros in 2020 for B2C goods. About 23% of consumers say they usually buy online from abroad at least once a year. One of the main reasons for this is the desire to have access to various products that are not yet locally available.

Thanks to the online world many companies are deciding to sell their products and services overseas. However, to ensure that your company is visible on the global market, it is essential to implement an international SEO strategy tailored to the new country or countries that interest you.

The United Kingdom (UK) has been making significant advancements in e-commerce in the last decade and is currently the leader in e-commerce retail in Europe. According to the most recent figures from the Office of National Statistics (UK), the country's  e-commerce revenue in 2020 amounted to just under 100 billion GBP. Although e-commerce has been growing steadily over the last decade, this dramatic increase from previous years is clearly linked to the onset of the pandemic.

To support exporting to Russia with digital marketing, you have to take into account two main issues: the Russian language and the Yandex search engine. Approximately 60% of Russian internet users do online searches with Yandex, with Google having a share of less than 30%.

What is meant by SEO and SEM, and why are they fundamental elements in making your company visible, not only in your domestic market, but also internationally?
To get more leads and become more easily found by potential customers through search engines, it is necessary to understand what the terms SEO and SEM mean: specific terms that identify a series of activities with a clear final goal.

Commercially speaking, the term ‘target market’, is the potential group of buyers of a product, or people at which an advertising message is aimed. Synonyms of the word include: key or target audience, or target demographic. Generally speaking, the term refers to the potential customers that your business is seeking to engage with.

The French market offers significant and interesting growth opportunities for your company, as long as you approach it in the right way.
If you export to France and want to find new customers, a SEO strategy can help you reach the first page of search engine results, thanks to specifically chosen keywords.

Who are we? We are an international digital marketing agency that helps our clients reach top positions in search engine rankings, both in Italy and abroad, with the final goal of helping them gain more leads and customers. What do we do? For over 12 years, we have worked in digital marketing - both Italian and multilingual - planning personalised strategies for export-oriented companies and EMEA groups. The best way to be visible outside of your domestic market, is via the internet, and Mintense’s digital strategies can help you to make the most of all the opportunities the internet offers.

A list of the email addresses of users who have agreed to let you send them information, be it out of curiosity, or to receive product updates, undoubtedly adds value to any business.
The use of newsletters to cultivate relationships with customers and increase their loyalty, is a fundamental tool in internet marketing. In particular, emails sent to clients, immediately or a few days after the purchase of a product or service, have the objective of generating repeat purchases.

An increasingly used term in the corporate world is that of “digital internationalisation”. What does it mean? It means opening the doors of your company to exporting internationally with the support of digital marketing. This support is fundamental to be able to make your business truly competitive in different markets.
An adequate online presence can make all the difference in helping you find new leads, potential customers, and generally increasing your company’s international profile.

A company that wants to increase its numbers of potential customers should invest in lead generation: a fundamental part of growing any business.
The advantage of lead generation is that it ensures higher revenues, in addition to a significant increase in the number of prospects, both in the medium and long term. The final goal is the conversion of leads into loyal customers, by accompanying them in a process that continues month by month and is based on a solid relationship of trust in the company.

Digital marketing tools and strategies can support your attendance of foreign trade fairs and events, building your company’s brand awareness and online recognition, often resulting in profitable offline results. Being well-known and easily recognisable online, often means a considerable increase in the number of potential leads and, in turn, customers.

For our machinery sector clients, we have implemented international B2B strategies, boosting their brand awareness and sales revenues. We have helped them export their products to various countries, among which Spain, France, the USA, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Qatar and Indonesia.

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