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International SEO

Rank your website up to 9 languages.

An International Multilingual SEO strategy is fundamental for a business that wants to be visible in foreign markets and expand its growth potential.

If you already have a multilingual website, or want to expand your business in Europe, North America, South America, Africa or Asia, you need to be assisted by a multilingual SEO agency specialised in ranking your website in foreign countries.

Mintense Digital Marketing is an expert in international SEO in different languages. For over 12 years we have guided our clients in the process of developing their businesses in foreign markets. For a good SEO optimisation strategy that yields top rankings in the major foreign search engines, you need a strategy that is specific for each country in question.

Our team of SEO experts is capable of optimising your website and implement an international marketing strategy in multiple languages: not only Italian, but also English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch and others.

Here are some of the main focus points of our agency for an optimal multilingual SEO strategy:

    • Analysis of the market and of the competition in the target foreign market.

    • Improvement of your website structure, finding the best solutions between multiple domains, country domains and subdomains.

    • On-site optimisation in the chosen language and identification of the most popular keywords of interest to your target market and to your company’s sector of operation.

    • Special focus on the language and cultural differences between countries, an issue of significant importance. For example, targeting the UK market would require the use of British English, while a US-targeted campaign should use American English. Furthermore, a deep understanding of the target market’s opportunities and challenges allows to better optimise an international SEO strategy.

    • Establishment of a local presence through the insertion of the client’s business on Google Maps and other local mapping services.

    • The option of running online ad and pay-per-click campaigns in a foreign market, in the local language.

We furthermore advise businesses on how to best manage the demands of international clients, with a strategy dedicated to conversions and taking into account cultural nuances and approaches to business. This process requires a particular competence in international SEO that only a multilingual web marketing agency with many years of experience like Mintense can offer.

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