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International Digital Marketing and Multilingual SEO strategies


Opening foreign business channels

We are a multilingual SEO agency with a focus on international SEO enhancement in a wide range of languages, leading our clients through the process of developing their business in foreign markets.

So if you need a multilingual website or want to expand your business to international, European, North or South American, African or Asian markets, then get in touch with us and speak to one of our experts. We can optimise and localise your website, so that search engines can quickly identify which countries you want to target. Moreover, with a multilingual SEO strategy, we can tailor the content of your website to make it more attractive to the local target market.

A multilingual, international SEO strategy enables your company to appear in the top positions of the most popular foreign search engines, and is a fundamental undertaking for a business that wishes to increase its online presence, spanning even into foreign markets, and thereby amplifying the potential of your business. To reach these goals, a different approach is required according to the country in which you want to improve your visibility.

Our expertise covers:

    • Localised keyword strategy (never just translated!)

    • Multilingual content optimisation

    • Worldwide outreach and content promotion

    • Optimised keywords with local linguistic nuances

    • Mother-tongue terminology

Our team of SEO experts is able to optimise your website and build an international marketing strategy in various languages:  not just Italian, but also English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Dutch, that help you to reach the top positions in Google, Bing and Yandex web searches.

Here are some of the main aspects that our agency focuses on for an optimal multilingual SEO strategy:

    • Study of the market and your competitors in the targeted foreign country.

    • Improvement of website structure, finding the best solutions among multiple domains, national domains and subdomains.

    • Website content optimisation in the selected language and study of the keywords most used in the relevant market.

    • Special attention to linguistic and cultural diversity from country to country, as well as a deep knowledge of the target audience. Identifying the opportunities and weaknesses of the foreign market also enables the creation of a highly effective international SEO strategy.

    • Building local presence by listing your company on Google Maps and in local pages.

    • Option to initiate online advertising and pay-per-click campaigns in the foreign country and in the local language.

    • Business consultation on how best to deal with requests from potential international clients, including a specific client communication strategy, which considers the cultural idiosyncrasies of the target market and its approach to international business.

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