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Grow Abroad With Our International B2B Strategies

Grow Abroad With Our International B2B Strategies

Are you a B2B that exports internationally or are you looking to expand abroad? Then our International B2B strategy is what you need.

This strategy, which Mintense has been honing for more than 12 years, will increment your brand’s value and increase your sales. It’s an effective method of helping Italian firms to foreign countries around the world. It increases sales, helps distributors, allows you to find new import partners and ensures a boost in your visibility in fairs. It is not only addressed to those who export but also to EMEA firms that have a need for a European strategy in multiple languages. Furthermore, it is also helpful to multinationals wanting to invest in Europe and to those that want to implement an international strategy.

Multilingual Search Engines

For any kind of business, getting to the top of search engines is fundamental to beat out the competition and ensure potential customers find your products online.

When it comes to internationalisation, SEO optimisation has to therefore be done in different languages. Special focus is also needed on the language and cultural differences between countries. For example, targeting the UK market would require the use of British English, while a US-targeted campaign should use American English. Furthermore, a deep understanding of the target market’s opportunities and challenges allows to better optimise an international B2B strategy. Mintense has significant experience in this field. These are the steps we take to optimise your website:

  • Analysis of your business and of your competitors

  • Establishment of a local presence in the countries of interest through the insertion of the client’s business on Google, Bing, Yandex and other local mapping services

  • Multilingual SEO optimisation to help your business easily found from abroad

  • Optimisation of your website for mobile-responsiveness to allow users to find your business when searching on their smartphones and tablets

Multilingual Pay-Per-Click

Within our International B2B strategy, we will run multilingual Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns on multiple search engines including Google, Bing, and Yandex. The objective is that of immediate lead generation to increase your number of contacts, prospects and new potential clients. The types of multilingual PPC campaigns we conduct are:


These campaigns allows your website to appear for the keywords of the relevant business sector in the form of adverts. Thanks to the option of geo-localisation, based on the search engine user’s location, we can implement multilingual campaigns in English, German, French, Russian, Dutch, and Spanish. That means attracting potential customers in the markets you want to export to.


Search campaigns allow your website to appear in the top search results when certain keywords are searched by users, in the form of adverts. Thanks to the geo-localisation of adverts, based on the location of where the search occurs, we can build multilingual campaigns (English, German, French, Russian, Dutch, Spanish) to attract potential customers from the countries where you want to export.


This allows to find new users offline as well. Geo-localised display campaigns will show your ad banners to users browsing Google’s partner websites, in geographical areas of your interest.


With remarketing campaigns we “chase” users which have already shown interest in your business. This type of PPC campaign will show your ads to those who have already visited your website, reminding them to return.


Thanks to mobile geo-localised campaigns we will show your text and image adverts on smartphones, tablets and apps. Your business will be able to attract potential customers in specific areas that use mobile devices to do searches on Google and browse Google’s partner websites.


We can create online multilingual marketing campaigns for international fairs, following these steps: 

  • Pre-fair campaign to inform your target audience of your participation in a determined fair

  • Proximity/visibility campaigns during the fair to invite potential customers to visit your stand using all available channels, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Instagram Ads

  • Post-fair re-marketing, to remind who visited your stand to visit your website and to contact you

LinkedIn Ads

Having a presence on LinkedIn is very important for B2B firms wanting to internationalise. LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for professionals, and allows for very precise audience targeting and profiling. We create campaigns on LinkedIn to:

  • Increase the web traffic of your company’s website

  • Boost your brand’s visibility and popularity

  • Learn more about your target audience

  • Generate new leads and acquire new contacts

Multilingual Website

We can create for you a website with multiple domains, national domains and subdomains. Before implementing a marketing strategy, a business wanting to expand outside of Italy needs to have a professionally-made multilingual website which is SEO-friendly and with a clear brand image. That is why we have developed a multilingual and multi-site CMS software that allows for a centralised management for large EMEA firms and firms exporting to many foreign markets.


Our consulting activity starts with contact acquisition and finishes with sales generation, helping your internationalisation process. If you are a B2B business that exports or wants to export, an EMEA firm or a multinational with European or global ambitions, choose our international B2B strategy to make it happen. Contact us now!

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