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B2C Proximity

Let Potential Customers Nearby Find You

One of the greatest needs of B2C businesses, be it a restaurant, shop, hotel, a lawyer’s or dentist’s practice, is that of being found by potential clients in the same area. Of great importance is also to be found exactly when a potential customer is searching for a determined service, and to be appear in the search results above your competitors. Our B2C proximity strategy is aimed at making people in your store, restaurant or business, with the addition of being multilingual to cater to an international customer base.

Google My Business & Bing Places For Business

To satisfy customer needs as they search for products and services, it is vital for your business to appear on Google’s and Bing’s maps. This is particularly the case for B2C businesses that want customers to visit their premises. Think, for example, about a restaurant. Appearing on search engines’ local maps will allow hungry customers nearby to find it, when searching for local restaurants. In addition, further important information will appear including address, contact details, opening hours, and website URL. Furthermore, articles regarding products, promotions, events and news about the business can be shown.

Local SEO

Local SEO cannot be missing from the web marketing activity of a business operating within a determined geographical area. Reaching the highest rankings in search engine results makes it possible to increase customer visits to your premises. Our strategy entails:

  • Analysis of your business and of your competitors

  • Showcasing of your business’ vital information

  • SEO ranking with geo-localised keywords to obtain a first results page ranking

  • Design and optimisation of a multilingual website to attract foreign customers

Pay-Per-Click Proximity

PPC proximity campaigns can further help your business.  Adverts will be created that will only appear to potential customers within a certain distance of your business (as little as 1-2 km). OurB2C proximity strategy involved the creation of different kinds of campaigns:


Search campaigns will show adverts for searches occurring in your area for products/services offered by your business. For businesses in tourist areas, campaigns will be created in multiple languages to ensure maximising the number of potential customers.


This allows to find new users offline as well. Geo-localised display campaigns will show your ad banners to users browsing Google’s partner websites, while they are located in the proximity of your business.


With remarketing campaigns we “chase” users who have already shown interest in your business. This type of PPC campaign will show your ads to those who have already visited your website, reminding them to return.


Thanks to mobile geo-localised campaigns we will show your text and image adverts on smartphones, tablets and apps. Your business will be able to attract potential customers in specific areas that use mobile devices to do searches on Google and browse Google’s partner websites.

Facebook Proximity Ads

To fully harness Facebook’s potential, we collaborate with you to create and structure ad campaigns on this platform. We will create ads of two different kinds:

  • Short-range ads, if your business is located in a high population density area

  • Long-range ads, if your business is located in a low population density area

Instagram Proximity Marketing

People tend to remember better things they see rather than things they read. That’s why Instagram is fundamental for a proximity marketing strategy. Our paid Instagram campaigns leverage proximity marketing to increase your website traffic, help you gain new customers and increment your sales.

Mobile Optimisation

As more online searches are done via smartphones and tablets, having a mobile-responsive website is a must. Foreigners in particular will conduct mobile device searches, which means that a multilingual, user-friendly and mobile-responsive website is needed to maximise your conversions.

Gyms In Central Milan

We have applied our strategy to different gyms in the center of Milan. In addition to normal campaigns, we have created campaigns on different channels promoting a free gym trial. These have included search, display and remarketing campaigns on Google and Youtube, using catchy videos. In addition, Facebook was used for carousel ads, and Instagram and Snapchat for stories. The multi-faceted B2C proximity strategy increased the gym’s list of contacts, clients and number of paid entries.

A Pizza Restaurant In A Tourist Town

We also applied our strategy to a pizza restaurant in an Italian tourist town. Campaigns in six languages (Italian, German, English, Russia, Dutch and French) were created on Google and Facebook, to download a 10% discount coupon. This strategy was targeted to those who were transiting or located in the proximity of the restaurant. Over four months, and with a limited budget, 197 coupons were downloaded, with 139 customers calling the restaurant and 116 using road directions to reach it. The restaurant consequently enjoyed an increase in sales.

If you run a physical business with a broad target market, our B2C proximity strategy is for you. Contact us now!

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