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Take full advantage of E-commerce’s potential with our strategies

Our e-commerce strategy will offer you all the digital marketing tools needed to increase your e-store’s sales and turnover. In addition, with our internationalisation experience, you will have the chance of optimising your e-store and implement campaigns in all the languages you want.

SEO Optimisation

For an online shop, rising in the search engine results is very important to edge out the competition.

SEO optimisation of our e-commerce strategy entails a thorough study of the keywords used by potential customers to find products sold in your shop, to then optimise them one by one.

With the goal of obtaining a top page ranking in the search engines, making your website mobile-responsive will be of fundamental importance. Today more and more users buy online from their smartphone or tablet, therefore a website that is quick to load, clear and customer-friendly can make all the difference.

In e-commerce SEO the technical SEO part is very important, above all in creating the best content structure, page divisions and product categories.


To gain a top search results ranking it is necessary to create Pay-Per-Click campaigns. For an online shop it is vital to create ads that both appear on search networks and display networks. The difference between the two is that with the former, potential customers will be shown your ads as they search on Google. With the latter, your ads and banners will be shown also on Google’s partner websites.


For an e-commerce business, “chasing" visitors is important. That is why we can create for your remarketing campaigns to remind who visited your website to come back, to inform them that they abandoned their shopping cart, or to invite them to take other types of action. These campaigns are customised for different market targets and visitor types.


An excellent tool for e-commerce businesses, Google Shopping campaigns include detailed information including images, prices and names of your e-store. They also allow to subdivide your entire product range in groups of personalised products, based on their characteristics (category, brand etc.). This will shows ads to search engine users who are already looking for type of products you sell, meaning they are more likely to complete a purchase.


Facebook Ads

We will help you to create ad campaigns directed to your target audience and market. This is not only sponsoring posts, but creating a campaign which is tailor-made for this platform. The goal is to reach potential customers through audience profiling, inserting pixel codes and many other advanced techniques.

Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping makes “impulse shopping” possible via a single click. This is one of the most recent features of this social network, with incredible potential for e-commerce businesses. Your Instagram page turns into a proper shop window where customers can make purchases. The way it works is simple: within the photo of a product there is a tag that will allow visitors, with one click, to be redirected to your website’s corresponding product page, where they can complete the purchase.


If you want to expand your mailing list of potential customer, we will create PPC campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram. We will also design your landing page in a way to attract “cold leads” into signing up to your newsletter.

If you own an e-commerce business and want to make it grow larger and faster, choose our strategy. Contact us today!

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