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Online PR

Promote your business with Digital Relations

To obtain new leads, improve brand awareness, and boost sales, we can create online PR campaigns for your business.

The focus of this strategy lies in creating, contacting and contracting a list of the most relevant bloggers and influences. To make the PR campaign as effective as possible, we will generate the right mix of free publicity and paid adverts, depending on your budget.

Digital PR advertising can comprise social media posts, articles, interviews, videos, graphic content and much more. An important point: doing online PR in an effective way does not mean publishing as much content as possible, but creating high-quality content.

Broadly speaking, our online PR strategies include the following phases:

  • Analysis of the sector/industry of relevance to your business, also taking into account competitor behaviour and potential customer behaviour

  • Definition of online PR campaign goals

  • Research and creation of a list of of platforms where to publish press releases and articles (bloggers, influencers, sector portals, online sector magazines)

  • Content generation and creation of supporting graphics

  • Analysis of post-production results, specifically looking at the level of engagement generated

The SEO Aspect Of Online PR

We carefully analysis links in all the websites part of the PR list, with particular attention to the titles of the links. This way we can maximise our online PR campaigns to make them also into link building campaigns that help SEO activity.

The Brand Awareness Aspect Of Online PR

When a new product is launched or company news are promoted, online PR campaigns are perfect to engage the target audience within the sector of reference. Particularly if the publishing of articles happens simultaneously, which maximised the reach of the message.

This is of fundamental importance, especially in a digital world in which is overwhelmed by the amount of content available. To be visibile and to be noticed it is necessary to be quick and to create a PR campaign in a targeted manner: campaigns spread over too many months do not engage the audience.


The DEM Aspect of Online PR online

What is the most useful tool to close a sale in the world of web marketing? E-mail contact lists. If you want to expand your client base, trust Mintense with this task. For over 12 years we help our clients create and implement effective Direct Email Marketing (DEM) campaigns.

DEM campaigns involve the emailing of new contacts, usually sourced from renting or buying a third-party database or by targeting certain segments of the relevant audience. Mintense will follow you in each step of the campaign:

  • Definition of the campaign’s goals, usually meaning the desire to convert new users into useful leads and, more generally, generating more website traffic to increase brand awareness and sales

  • Creation and structuring of the content of the e-mails to be sent

  • Monitoring of results to improve strategy in terms of content, timing of e-mails and personalised design 

Online PR For The Food Sector

A real-life example of online PR campaign is one that we completed for a brand of cured meats. We created a landing page for the product and we created a paid ad campaign on Facebook and Google both in Italian and in a foreign language. We then contacted approximately 70 food bloggers, journalists and sector magazines (of which only 10 were paid) and sent them samples of the product on which to base articles, recipes and content. The bloggers became part of a list which was then used to coordinate their publication of articles, which there then monitored for their performance.

Online PR For The Construction Sector

For companies the construction sector, we have created niche and technical online PR campaigns. This has included promoting the launch of new technologies for foundations, creating an online PR campaign with technical articles explaining the technology and newsletters for sector specialist portals.

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