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SEO Indexing & Positioning

Do you want to optimise your website to scale the rankings on Google, Bing and Yandex? By choosing Mintense you make sure that your future customers can easily find you, thanks to a top search engine ranking. SEO is only one among many digital marketing strategies. It’s not only about keywords and positioning. The real objective is to convert searches into actual customers, increasing website visits and sales. Our SEO activity is divided into three phases:


Through a detailed analysis of your sector, of your competitors and of existing search engine results, we will find the best keywords to attract potential customers to your website.


The first step to become visible online is that of being listed on search engines (indexing). After that:

- With technical SEO we will optimise each page on your website, evaluating all aspects including code, performance etc.

- We will optimise your website’s page titles, descriptions, alt-images etc.

- We will create SEO-friendly content that will make your website even more attractive for potential customers and visibile on search engines, with the goal of achieving first-page ranking


Getting to the top of the first results page is not enough. That’s why our team constantly monitors your online presence thanks to specific tools, optimising your content to keep your ranking high. Furthermore, you will receive a periodic review of your website’s performance.

What SEO services do we offer?

  • International Multilingual SEO

  • Local SEO

  • E-commerce SEO

  • Link Building

  • Inbound Marketing & Article Marketing

Local SEO

Mintense offers its clients the opportunity of ranking for geographically-localised searches. What are our main services in terms of local SEO?

  • Integration with Google Maps to show your business when potential customers are making localised searches

  • SEO positioning with location-targeted keywords, to achieve a top position in search engines when users look for keywords relevant to your business, its city or specific area

  • Mobile-Device optimisation - which helps your potential customers find you when they are close to you and avoids your website being abandoned when internet navigation is slow

E-commerce SEO

To have a successful online store, an SEO strategy for e-commerce is fundamental. Mintense offers the following SEO services for e-commerce businesses:

  • Design and construction of an effective website structure, customer-friendly and optimised for search engines. This includes elements such as layout, hierarchical structure, SEO-friendly URLs, and mobile-optimised responsivenesss

  • Analysis of the search habits of users when they look for products, with the aim of identifying the best keywords for on-site SEO optimisation

  • Constant analysis of conversions and of user browsing behaviour, to assess and improve website performance

Link Building

This involves obtaining links from other authoritative websites in the same sector, which helps boost your website\s search engine rankings.

Inbound Marketing, Online PR & Article Marketing

To attract potential customers to your website and gain their trust, Mintense offers the following SEO content strategies:

  • Market study of the relevant sector, creating content based the most important trends and topics

  • Selection of the best keywords to improve your website’s ranking in search engine results

  • Copywriting and publishing of quality content on your website (Inbound Marketing) and on external platforms such as blogs, sector websites and online magazines (Online PR)

  • Ranking performance analysis with the use of dedicated tools, ensuring the improvement of results

International Multilingual SEO

If your business exports internationally, or you want to expand your target market and don’t know how to, Mintense can offer you International Multilingual SEO strategies specifically to achieve these goals.

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