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Facebook Ads (Meta Ads)

Start Interacting With Your Customers

Would you like to take full advantage of Facebook and its 2.2 billion users to strengthen your brand, increase your website traffic and gain new customers? Mintense will help you advertise on this channel by creating ad campaigns tailor-made to your needs.

Nowadays, on account of the popularity of social networks and Facebook in particular, you cannot do without a digital marketing strategy on these platforms. Facebook is a key instrument in the web and social media marketing strategy of a company, small or large as it may be. A company with a presence on this platform has in its hands a very powerful tool of communication. Our objective is to help you fully benefit from it in terms of:

  • Higher visibility and brand awareness

  • Community-Building and Trust-Building with your customer base

  • Lead generation

  • Website traffic increase

  • Increasing your online and offline sales

  • Keep track of who has visited your website and remind them of coming back to it (re-marketing)

Specifically, our strategy follows these steps:

  • Discussion and assessment of what are your desired goals

  • Identification and analysis of the specific target of reference

  • Analysis of the relevant market, of your business, of your competitors, and of your competitors’ use of social media

  • Analysis of your Facebook page, if existing, with particular attention given to content and followers

  • Generation of ads to achieve the established goals

  • Constant monitoring of results in terms leads obtained, interaction, actions taken, engagement etc. to improve campaign performance

Based on your business type we can create different types of adverts, each with different and specific objectives

  • Video Ads - To showcase effectively your product or service

  • Image Ads - To generate traffic to your website

  • Multiple Image & Vide Ads - To showcase multiple catalogue items, personalised for each customer

  • Carousel Ads - Ads containing multiple images and videos, to boost user engagement

  • Slideshow Ads - A mix of audio, text and images to describe your product/service to potential customers

  • Interactive Ads - For mobile devices, to give life to your product/service offering

Facebook Ads For Shops & Restaurants

To get a better idea of how our strategies work, let’s take the examples of shops and restaurants. For both types of business, a local presence is extremely important. That is why Facebook campaigns can be implemented with location-targeted ads with a 5 km radius from the location of the business to promote table bookings, upcoming sales or product discounts. To attract new customers, lead generation campaigns are created based on the specific target of reference.

Facebook Ads For A Gym

Another example where local presence is important is that of gyms and fitness centres. In this case, the radius will be very limited as above a certain distance other gyms will be present. In addition, this sector is characterised by a high turnover (30% to 40%) of customers who change gym membership, which means an active lead generation campaign is necessary to engage this target group.

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