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Facebook Ads


Facebook Marketing can be the key tool in a business’ web and social media marketing strategy, be it small of big.

Facebook is, without a doubt, the most used Social Network in the world, with its some 1.32 billion uses which grows constantly. This represents a huge potential market for a business. The trick to it all is being in the know of how to best adopt this all-so-important tool.

A company who has presence on Facebook holds massive communication potential between its fingertips.

Thanks to this social platform, it’s possible to:

  • Identify and study the target

  • To be in direct contact with clients and prospective client

  • To reach potential new clients and increase the visibility of one’s brand.

  • To make users more loyal, creating trust and empathy

  • To monitor the opinions of the audience with regards to products and services, using that ever-so-precious information to your advantage to build an ever-improving offer

  • To monitor competitors and their actions

The potentialities of the Social Network don’t stop upon the creation of a business page. There’s also the possibility of advertising on Facebook, creating ads and publicity campaigns.

There’s a vast spectrum of sponsorship possibilties, of which include:

  • Ads in image, video and so-called ‘carousel’ form

  • Proximity adverts, especially adapted to local businesses that want to get known within a strict geo-localised area.

  • Lead Generation adverts whose purpose is to gather contacts (leads) of potential clients who are interested in the business.This allows the business to have particular advantages.

  • To take care of your business page and your business’ Facebook campaigns, contact Mintense. We’re a Digital Marketing agency that has been specialising in web business strategies for over 12 years.

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