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LinkedIn Ads

Gain new leads with LinkedIn’s paid campaigns

Having an established presence on LinkedIn is very most for all B2B companies. Linkedin enables to precisely target professionals of any sector through its innovative ads platform. Thanks our 12+ years of experience in digital marketing, we can help you create an effective Linkedin company profile and paid ad campaigns to achieve your goals.

The main advantage of Linkedin is its precise target profiling, based on:

  • Place of residence or work

  • Current company and role

  • Past education

  • Job description & activities

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, therefore offers significant opportunities in terms of new prospects and partners who may be interested in your business.

Exactly as for other social media platforms, however, having a company page is not enough. It is instead necessary to create a marketing strategy and an editorial calendar to keep the page active, in addition to managing paid ad campaigns.

Thanks to a proven strategy for this social network, it is possible to:

  • Generate traffic for your company’s website

  • Boost your visibility and brand awareness

  • Learn more about your target customers

  • Generate new contacts and leads

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LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Mintense has significant experience in creating and managing LinkedIn paid campaigns. We can structure for you campaigns based on five main tools:

Text Ads 
- The simplest and most cost-effective option,  although potentially less functional, with ads formed by text, images and a title. With this type of ads we will promote your company to potentially interested contacts.

InMail Message - Very similar to e-mail marketing, this option allows you to send sponsored message to your active LinkedIn contacts. Thanks to precise targeting, personalised content creation and e-mailing to a segmented audience, we will help you get in contact with new prospects.

Sponsored Content - Publishing and sponsoring of content that will appear in the newsfeeds of your target audience (even if they are not your followers).

Dynamic Ads - Ads whose content is generated dynamically, based on audience profiles and activity. These ads can contain text, images and a “call to action” customised to the relevant target.

Display Ads - This option allows to insert both audio and video elements, in addition to images and text, giving you the possibility of appearing on LinkedIn’s high-traffic pages. With this kind of ads it is possible to reach a wide audience, without the need for segmentation.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

To allow to conduct sales activity in the best manner, there is another tool on LinkedIn which we can help you use: Sales Navigator Professional. With this toll you can”

  • Find potential clients and accounts in your target market

  • Find real-time information to approach potential clients

  • Build reliable relations with existing and potential clients

Mintense will help you in the process of defining targets, objectives, and tactics to use. As this is a tool reserved for LinkedIn Premium members, it is necessary to engage in a well-planned social selling strategy.

LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn not only helps you expand your client base, but is a perfect platform for recruiting. Thanks to its precise targeting and profiling capabilities, it is easy to find and recruit the perfect professional for your company.

We can help you in your recruiting campaigns, creating focused strategies revolving around personalised InMail message. Furthermore, we will assist you in using LinkedIn Recruiter, the platform’s solution that allows you to search hundreds of million of professionals around the world, contact them and ultimately hire them.

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