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SEO in France: How to Approach the French Market

The French market offers significant and interesting growth opportunities for your company, as long as you approach it in the right way.

If you export to France and want to find new customers, a SEO strategy can help you reach the first page of search engine results, thanks to specifically chosen keywords.

To approach the French market with an SEO strategy, it is important to carefully choose keywords which people use in their everyday online searches. To be more easily found on, your keywords, adverts and website must be written in French. In addition to this, the title and description of your website that appear in search engine results have to be interesting and captivating, as they are the only information the search engine user sees about you.

To turn French leads into customers, it is necessary to attract their attention with high quality French-language content. If you offer interesting content, visitors are more likely to spend time on your website, learning what your company does and wanting to find out more about it.

On the other hand, if you do not communicate in French to users within this target group, they will trust your company or product less. Google also penalises websites that use obsolete and irrelevant keywords.

With a French language URL, a .fr domain extension, and metatags and title descriptions in French, you make sure that your website will appear frequently in French users’ search engine results, thereby generating clicks and feedback on your products and services.

Furthermore, communicating in French does not mean only targeting France. French is in fact a very popular internet language, and the number of users looking for products and services in French is increasing steadily. The French language opens the doors to profitable markets not only in France, but also in Canada, Belgium, Switzerland and many areas of Africa and the Americas. Some of these are countries with high standards of living and incomes, potentially making them perfect target markets for your company’s products.

Mintense takes care of all of this for you, from the choice of the best keywords to use, to the planning of digital marketing strategies, not only in France, but in another 24 countries, all in their local language. Do you want to enter the French market and expand your business in the land of the Tour Eiffel? If you have read this far, then you already know who to contact!

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