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Why a Search Engine Strategy is Important for Exporting in EU

What is meant by SEO and SEM, and why are they fundamental elements in making your company visible, not only in your domestic market, but also internationally?

To get more leads and become more easily found by potential customers through search engines, it is necessary to understand what the terms SEO and SEM mean: specific terms that identify a series of activities with a clear final goal.

The acronym SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) covers all activities aiming to improve a website’s visibility in search engines, ensuring a top ranking in the results pages for specific and strategic keyword searches. A good search engine ranking contributes to guaranteeing a high level of visibility for a company’s products and services.

In addition to increasing your company’s visibility, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) also concerns all the activities seeking to increase the traceability of visits to a website from search engines. This tool allows you to effectively trace the actions taken by website visitors, thanks to specific web analysis instruments.

SEO and SEM therefore work hand in hand to satisfy the search engine user’s needs in looking for a specific product and/or service, with the aim of finding your landing page as the first result displayed.

But why should a company and, in particular, an export-oriented company, invest in advertising campaigns on search engines? If your company’s website appears at the top of a search engine’s results page, you will notice a considerable increase in the number of potential customers interested in your products and services. It also gives you the potential of boosting your company’s profile when you attend trade shows and other professional events.

Creating a website and investing money, time, and energy to keep it up to date, is useless if nobody can find it. As search engine users usually only click on links which appear on the first page of search results, websites that are not present there will comparatively have significantly less visitors and traffic.

As previously mentioned, if you want to have a good ranking in search engine results, you have to make effective use of keywords. Keywords are of considerable importance, especially when dealing with foreign markets. It is a known fact that not all search engine users conduct their searches in English. Many users in European countries, for example, use their native languages instead (you can learn more about this in the article The Advantages of Multilingual Pay-Per-Click). Not all search engines are equal, and each one has its own specific characteristics and features. Google is the most popular one in Europe, but it is not, for example, in Russia, where Yandex occupies the top spot.

Thanks to our constant efforts, research, and software updates, Mintense works to keep our clients at the top of the search engine rankings - an extremely important part of being found by internet users and in finding potential customers in Italy and elsewhere in the world.

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