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Web Design

Convert Visits Into Sales With An Effective Website

Is your website user-friendly, clear and visually appealing? Does it let visitors navigate with ease? Is it optimised to be seen on mobile devices? If your answer is “no” to any or all of these questions, you should consider giving your website a complete makeover.

A good website is not only pleasant to look at, but it must offer a unique user experience that will turn visitors into customers. A fast-loading website, which is easy to understand and navigate is very important to fully benefit from digital marketing opportunities.

Let Mintense help you create a high-performance website. These are the steps we will take:


Everything starts with your needs and your ideas: what do you want to communicate and what is your goal? With our first discussions we set out a strategy to fully take advantage of your website’s potential in terms of sales generation and openness to new markets.


After the preliminary meetings and before the start of the designing process, we discuss new ideas for your website. We will work on its structure and the strategy to adopt once it is completed, while analysing the market, the relevant keywords and fundamental user experience issues.


We develop your website’s graphics with different proposals, giving each page a different and distinctive style. This is where your opinion counts, as we come up with different ideas to satisfy your final vision for the website.


Our frontend developers, based on the final design approval, build the website in accordance with modern programming standards and mobile device responsiveness.


As the frontend work is being completed, we develop the specific functionalities of the website, including galleries, graphic effects, product pages, contact forms, quote forms etc.


Content is of fundamental importance for good visibility in SEO terms. Quality content on each page will ensure good results in the long-term. For this reason, our team will develop both technical and sector content based on your advice as an expert in your sector.


Each website we create undergoes rigorous testing, both externally by the client and internally by our team of developers.


The website is published, after which the monitoring stage starts, SEO activity begins and traffic/conversions are analysed on a constant basis.

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