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Multilingual Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat

Do you want to reinforce and boost the loyalty of your client base, while you expand it? Mintense helps you achieve this by creating Social Media Marketing strategies on diverse platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.

It is not strictly necessary to have a presence on all of them. Thanks to Mintense’s 12+ years of experience in digital marketing, we can create strategies customized to the needs of every business. The customization of a Social Media Marketing strategy for your business includes the choice of the best platform, content creation, post sharing and much more.

Our services include both content/page management and the management of Social Advertising campaigns.

Content/Page Management

Our content/page management services follow a clear and defined strategy, based on your goals:

  • Analysis of the sector/industry relevant to your business and definition of your target audience

  • Review of your current account status: specifically, an analysis of the existing company page content and the results achieved in terms of audience engagement

  • Creating an editorial schedule, collaborating with your company in order to refine and improve the content it generates

  • The creation of content is usually the domain of your marketing department, which we will advise in order to ensure that the content management plan and strategy are followed

Social Media Advertising: Facebook Ads & LinkedIn Ads

Mintense is specialized in managing ad campaigns on social networks. We create your website social campaigns based entirely on your goals. Thanks to a well-planned and detailed Social Marketing campaign you can:

  • Strengthen brand awareness

  • Increase audience engagement

  • Acquire new leads which can be converted into new clients

  • Increase sales with the promotion of your product/service

  • Create remarketing campaigns to engage with previous website visitors

Our social advertising strategies will allow your sponsored ads to be shown to an audience interested specifically in your business. We will furthermore customize campaigns on different platforms, accounting for their differences, and refine a detailed content strategy.

On what social networks do we create social ad campaigns?

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