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Social Media Marketing

Let us help you harness the power of social media to boost your business

Web users are spending ever more time on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. There is no better place to reach potential clients! Thanks to Social Media Marketing, companies now have the possibility to start conversations and interact with their clients around the clock.

At Mintense, we can partner with you to integrate social media campaigns into your digital marketing mix, to engage your target audience and boost positive sentiment towards your brand, thereby stimulating customer interaction and increasing traffic to your website. We use the power of social media to create a strong relationship with your audience, giving your brand its own unique and powerful voice.

Thanks to our 12 years of experience as a successful web marketing agency, our experts are able to create a strategic plan adapted to your business’ specific needs.

With our social media strategies, not only do you have the possibility to grow and increase the loyalty of your client base, but you will also be able to reach new customers who are interested in your products or services; monitoring and taking part in conversations, as well as interacting with your community.

We are specialists in:

  • Social Media Management: the creation and management of an editorial plan to always keep your social media profiles active and up-to-date. We will take care of your social media communications, maintaining lasting relationships with your audience.

  • Social Advertising: we can advertise your business on social networks using advanced Facebook, and Instagram targeting tools. These powerful marketing resources make it possible for your company to be seen in the sponsored adverts section by people with specific interests related to your business. We provide effective and tailor-made campaigns, using data-driven targeting, in order to increase traffic, contacts, clients and build your brand awareness for your audience.

  • Social Media Analysis and Monitoring: analyses and user studies of their interaction with your webpage, as well as those of your competitors, thereby monitoring the efficacy and the impact of your campaigns and levels of customer engagement.

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