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SEO and Advertising for online shops


A successful online shop can simply not say no to a specific SEO strategy for E-commerce.

It’s not uncommon for a website not to have a successful number of visitors, sales or contacts despite having a predetermined marketing budget that’s in use.

Why does this happen? The issue could be a dodgy SEO strategy or that of a poorly structured online marketing plan.

An SEO agency like Mintense, who’s been specializing in e-commerce SEO for over 12 years, can help an online shop increase its number of sales by picking and planning a fair mix of SEO, Pay-Per-Click, shopping campaigns, Social Marketing and PR online, suitable for any business. A good web marketing plan for an online shop enables the marketing budget to be optimised, channelling it solely to the highest performing tools for a business, whether they be directed towards website traffic, adverts or payments.

Main SEO services that allow for a winning e-commerce optimisation:

  • Building upon the website’s structure in an efficient way, adapted to the user and optimisation for search engines. This includes various factors: layout, hierarchical content structure, SEO-friendly URL, mobile-responsive website optimisation and much more.

  • Study of the best keywords, searched for by users to find products the shop sells, and on-site SEO optimisation.

  • Possible Google Shopping campaigns which look to highlight products on search engines for a fee.

  • Analyses of web data: conversation tracking and tracking of the user’s journey on a website to understand what works best and what could be improved. This will allow monitoring progress to be made in a tangible manner.

Mintense, an expert SEO agency in e-commerce, can increase the number of visits and volume of sales of an e-shop, giving way to an exponential growth of the online business.

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