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SEO for E-commerce

E-Commerce SEO

For a successful e-commerce business, a precise SEO strategy is a necessity. Very often online shops do not produce the desired results in terms of traffic, sales and leads, despite investing in a marketing budget.

Our experience brings to elaborate an online marketing plan dedicated to the needs of our clients, offering the right mix of SEO, PPC campaigns (SEM, SEA), Social Media Marketing and online PR.

A SEO agency like Mintense, specialised in delivering e-commerce SEO solutions for more than 12 years, can help an online store increase its sales, with the right mix of SEO, PPC, shopping campaigns and online PR. A good marketing plan allows you to optimise your marketing budget and use only the most effective tools to promote your business.

Among the main SEO services needed to optimise an e-commerce business are:

  • The design and creation of an effective website structure, optimised for search engines and user-friendly. This includes its layout, hierarchical content structure, SEO-friendly URL, mobile-responsiveness and much more.

  • Research and selection of the best keywords used by users to find products sold in your online shop, and both online and offline SEO optimisation.

  • Google Shopping paid campaigns that highlight your range of products on search engines.

  • Web data analysis, including tracking of conversions and user behaviour on site, to understand what’s working and what can be improved. This will allow you to monitor progress in a tangible way.

Mintense is an SEO agency with significant e-commerce expertise,  which can increase your website traffic and sales and open the door to the exponential growth of your business.

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