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Local SEO

Online visibility for local businesses

Local SEO cannot be missing from the web marketing activity of a business operating within a determined geographical area.

Be it a restaurant, shop, hotel, a lawyer’s or dentist’s practice, the need is that of being found by potential clients in the same area. Of even greater importance is to be found exactly when a potential customer is searching for a determined service, and to be appear in the search results above your competitors. For this reason, a local business needs to implement local SEO in addition to traditional SEO.

Having worked in different sectors and with different types of businesses, from small companies to large multinationals, both B2C and B2B, Mintense can develop tailor-made web marketing campaigns. In particular, if you own or manage an e-commerce business we can offer you a customised digital marketing strategy to increase your brand’s attractiveness and increase sales. What are our main local SEO strategies?

  • Inserting your business in Google Maps through Google My Business. This includes information about it on Google’s maps that appears when a user searches for the product or service you are offering.

  • An info pop-up for your business which contains vital information, including address, contact details, opening hours, and website URL. In addition, potential clients can use the Google Maps GPS to be directed to your business.

  • SEO ranking with geo-localised keywords. This allows your business to appear in the first page of results when users look for keywords relevant to your product or service, in your area. For example, “hotel in Verona” or “restaurant in Venice”.

  • Conversion rates for local searcher are extremely high. That means attracting the interest of large number of local potential customers can increase your visits and sales exponentially.

  • Optimisation of your website for mobile device responsiveness. Having a user-user-friendly website for mobile device users helps potential customers find you when they are not home. Even in Italy the number of searches made on mobile devices has surpassed the number of those made on computers. Recent studies by Google demonstrated that 61% of users abandon websites which are not mobile-responsive. This gives you an idea of the importance of having a mobile-responsive website.

  • Local PR activity accompanies this strategy with social media marketing, above all for shops, bars and retail outlets.

Mintense Digital Marketing is a SEO agency specialized in local SEO. For over 12 years we have been helping small and large clients achieve top rankings on search engines, with a particular attention given geo-localised searches. Trust our experience to deliver the results you want to achieve.

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