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Online visibility for local businesses


Local SEO simply cannot be missing from the web marketing strategy of a local business. It offers products and service in a determined geographical location.

Whether we’re talking about a restaurant, shop, hotel, or a lawyer firm or dentistry, the desire is to be found by potential clients who live in relative areas to your business; especially to those who are looking for the exact products and services advertised. It’s even more important to be found at the exact moment in which you are being searched, and to appear in search engine results above your competitors.

For this reason, a local business cannot do without a Local SEO service, besides having a traditional SEO service.

What are the main benefits of Local SEO?

  • Business insertion on Google Maps through Google My Business: to have a business card on Google maps. This means you’ll appear when users are searching for what they need in their local area. More important information, such as contact details, addresses, website and opening times will also be visible and Google Maps will even give directions to your business using GPS.

  • Insertion into tabs that are valuable to the business itself.

  • SEO position with geolocalised keywords: the possibility of appearing at the top of search engines when users search key words of interest to the business combined with the town and specific areas. For example, ‘Hotel and Verona’ or ‘Restaraunt and Milan’.

Conversion rates for localised research are extremely high. This means you’ll attract the attention of a greater number of clients in targeted zones and exponentially expand your business.

  • Mobile responsiveness: having a site that’s easy to view with a smartphone helps your potential client to find you even when not at home. Even in Italy, the number of searches done on mobile has outnumbered that of a computer, and recent Google studies have shown that 61 per cent of users leave websites that don’t respond well to smartphones. This might just give you an idea of the importance of having a website optimised for a smartphone and other devices.

  • Local PR Business. Accompanying this strategy with social media marketing compaigns, especially for shops, bars and retail in general.

Mintense Digital Marketing is an SEO agency that specialises in SEO for local businesses. We’ve been following our clients big and small, for over 12 years, taking care of their positioning in search engines, with a special eye for geolocalised searches. Have faith in our experience.

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