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Lead Generation

Lead Generation strategies for a constant inflow of potential new clients

Do you want to find new customers and increase sales?

The real challenge for a digital marketer is that of transforming website traffic into profitable customers for a client. Mintense is specialised in lead generation campaigns or contact acquisition through different approaches, depending on the sector and business type, be i B2B or B2C.

The first question we ask clients is:

How much should a contact request cost and how many enquiries should we receive before we close a sale, give a quote or receive a booking?

Our preliminary analysis can estimate the potential ROI of a lead generation campaign. We then proceed to ensure that the landing page of your website is optimised to maximise conversions. The phases of a lead generation can be defined as follows:

  • Promotion to generate website traffic: PPC (Adwords), DEM, Banner Display, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads

  • Development of dedicated pages

  • Gathering of contacts (and potentially a centralised database)

  • Consultation on how to get the most out of contacts (Newsletter)

  • Results monitoring and campaign refining

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