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Instagram Marketing

Take Full Advantage OF Instagram’s Business Opportunities

If you want to use Instagram to promote your business, Mintense can help you create effective strategies to benefit in full from the potential of this platform.

A visual social media platform by nature, Instagram helps you leverage Visual Marketing. According to some studies, it seems that people tend to remember better things they see (80%) rather than things they read (20%). That’s why Instagram can offer you significant opportunities when compared to other platforms like Facebook and Twitter, due to high user engagement levels and interaction with brands.

To be successful on Instagram, opening an account is only the first step. You need to establish your goals, publish constantly content which is coherent with your brand image, know your target audience and be able to engage with it continuously.

Our Strategy

Our Social Media Marketing on Instagram follows a clear path:

  • Page analysis, if existing, to understand what content has been published and continue along the same lines in terms of style and content

  • Analysis of engagement levels of your followers, to define their preferences and create content that can capture their attention

  • Market analysis, in addition to competitor analysis, and definition of goals and target audience

  • Creation of a plan of action based on the previously-defined goals

  • Monitoring and analysis of results, to improve future performance

What kind of results can you achieve with an effective Instagram strategy?

  • Increase of brand and product awareness with the audience

  • Increase in traffic to your website

  • Acquisition of new contacts and clients

  • Increases in sales

Instagram allows to achieve these goals thanks to its unique feature: the hashtag. This helps catalogue the content of your Instagram posts and facilitates the distribution of your content beyond your profile page, to audiences interested in determined categories. The choice of the most appropriate hashtags for your brand and your target will help you tap an potentially enormous audience. That is why we create smart and targeted strategies, without leaving anything to chance.

To help you achieve excellent results and offer you a complete service, we include in our packages paid Instagram marketing strategies. We will create and monitor posts which will expand your brand’s audience, widen your customer base and increase sales.

Instagram Paid Campaigns

The types of paid advertisement we can create for you include:

  • Single photo posts

  • Single 60-second video posts that combine sounds, images and movement for increase visual impact on the audience

  • Carousel posts made by multiple photos and videos, which the user can scroll through

  • Slideshows with a video on loop

  • Canvas posts which combine multiple images and videos, allowing you to tell a story

  • Instagram “Stories”, which allow you to fully engage with your audience

What  About E-Commerce?

If you own an e-commerce business, we can guide you in the creation, management and sponsoring of your Shopping Instagram. This tool has radically transformed the user experience, simplifying the purchasing process. How? Thanks to a specific tag (shaped like a shopping bag), placed on post images, which when clicked brings users directly to the corresponding product page on your website, where it can be added to the cart.

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