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Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

In the last few years, there’s been the general tendency to head in the direction of Visual Marketing. Users love visual contents – images and videos – and it’s estimated that the want for this is growing constantly. Some studies claim that people tend to remember more of what they see (80%), whereas they only remember 20% of what they read. In marketing terms, this means that there is a higher change of grasping the user’s attention using images and videos.

Instagram allows a brand to put appeal to Visual Marketing. According to some studies, it would seem that some Social Network platforms can offer even more business opportunities than the likes of other social platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, due to the high rate of user involvement and their desire to voluntarily follow the profiles of their favourite brands.

To be successful on Instagram, simply making a profile, of course, isn’t enough. There should be stabilised objectives, and coherent content that carries image and style should be publicised. Also, the target monitoring the platform should be known to you, and you should know how to be involved, and how to be present in the public eye.

Instagram enables an increase in the visibility of a brand and for a brand to become better known amongst interested, potentially new users, thanks to the business’ particularity and usage of hashtags.

Choosing appropriate hashtags for your brand and for your targets enables you to reach the potential market with enormous potential. That’s why it’s highly opportune to use an intelligent and focused Instagram strategy, leaving nothing to chance.

Another big advantage offered to businesses by this Social Network is the possibility of advertising on Instagram, using ads and specific targets, which will make your ads visible on Instagram’s newsfeed, even to those users who haven’t followed your profile or to those who don’t know about your brand yet.

Mintense digital agency, will help you build a social media strategy thanks to its 12 years of experience in the digital marketing environment. Together we will evaluate and see if Instagram Marketing can do the trick with your business and help it grow.

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