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Inbound Marketing

Content marketing strategies and more

You hear everywhere about the importance of content marketing and copywriting  for Inbound Marketing and website promotion. What do these terms mean?

Content marketing is the creation of quality content that attracts potential customers to your website. The most common content marketing strategy consists in a company blog which not only reports company news, but also provide the reader with informative content that can be useful and boost brand loyalty.

This is a new kind of approach which lets customers find your business thanks to the content it published, and it’s called Inbound Marketing. A larger amount of content will translate into other benefits, including a better SEO ranking and an improvement in the quality of PPC ads.

The publishing of press releases and SEO-friendly articles on other websites is instead part of an online PR and link building strategy. This will reinforce a brand and increase its popularity among users, helping it achieve top rankings on search engine result pages.

This is achievable only if you employ a copywriter that is knowledgeable about the subject matter, adjourned, and capable of writing quality SEO-friendly content. All this is part of a good SEO and copywriting strategy.

Mintense, an SEO and digital marketing agency with offices in London and Verona (Italy), can create balanced web marketing plans thanks to its team of experts. We only offer you the most relevant strategies to help your business flourish, without wasting time on superfluous services.

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