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The Importance of Newsletters for Online Stores

A list of the email addresses of users who have agreed to let you send them information, be it out of curiosity, or to receive product updates, undoubtedly adds value to any business.

The use of newsletters to cultivate relationships with customers and increase their loyalty, is a fundamental tool in internet marketing. In particular, emails sent to clients, immediately or a few days after the purchase of a product or service, have the objective of generating repeat purchases.

After-sales newsletter campaigns allow adverts to be sent in a very effective way. They are the perfect instrument for e-commerce websites, as they allow businesses to contact customers directly and suggest new purchases, list the advantages of new products, and offer promotional discounts designed to increase profits.

Overall, newsletters can therefore be useful to:

  • Promote new products/services and increase sales

  • Cultivate relationships with clients

  • Give customers news and updates for informational purposes

Each one of these objectives form part of a strategy to increase a company’s profits and brand loyalty. A customer who has given consent to receiving informational and promotional emails, is a very important resource. Specifically, in reference to after-sales newsletters, the customer has already made a purchase from your company, and responding promptly can be of decisive importance in securing a follow-up purchase.

In writing a newsletter with purely promotional intent, it is necessary to remember these fundamental elements:

Sender - This is the name the reader sees when receiving the email, and it can simply be the name of the mailing list, or can be written in combination with the subject.

Subject - The subject has to be chosen with care and be made interesting to the reader. This prevents the email from not being read and immediately deleted.

Pre-header – This is a segment of text which is visible to almost all email recipients, usually showing part of the HTML text code included in the email.

Call-to-action - A clear and visible call-to-action within the message can drive the reader to immediately make a new purchase. It is therefore an extremely important element of any newsletter.

The potential of newsletters is however not limited to their role in after-sales management. It’s possible to design newsletter campaigns for cross-selling and up-selling additional products and services to customers. A popular tool to populate newsletter mailing lists is that of lead generation campaigns, which help you find the most promising leads for your products and services.

To learn more about how to set up and make the most of your newsletter and mailing list, contact Mintense now.

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