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The Fundamental Role of Lead Generation in Building a Company’s Future

Leads are the foundation of a company’s future growth. Today, lead generation is particularly effective in ensuring an increase in the number of potential customers and in bringing significant advantages both to a company and its clients.

A company that wants to increase its numbers of potential customers should invest in lead generation: a fundamental part of growing any business. The advantage of lead generation is that it ensures higher revenues, in addition to a significant increase in the number of prospects, both in the medium and long term. The final goal is the conversion of leads into loyal customers, by accompanying them in a process that continues month by month and is based on a solid relationship of trust in the company.

How does lead generation work in technical terms?

The logic behind lead generation is that of inbound marketing, in other words:

  1. Attract people potentially interested in your product or service

  2. Convert them into leads

  3. Convert these leads into customers

  4. Build your customers’ loyalty

To attract potentially interested people, you have to use SEO and SEM strategies that can help you obtain a high ranking on search engines. Other useful activities include Content MarketingSocial Media MarketingEmail Marketing and advertising campaigns on Google Ads. Participating in trade shows and events is also an excellent way of generating leads, particularly if you take advantage of the opportunities offered by location-based digital marketing.

After having attracted a high enough number of potentially interested 
customers, chosen through specific targeting, you need to let them know that they have found, in your company and website, what they were looking for. For this reason, a well-built and user-friendly landing page with an effective call-to-action is the best instrument to turn them into leads. On the landing page, the potential lead can subscribe to your newsletter or provide their personal data to download premium content, like an e-book, a pdf file or something else.

In the next phase, you use the contact info you have gathered, by creating a list comprised of your specific target audience, which forms the basis of the marketing strategy that will convert it into a customer base.

At this point, you move on to the lead nurturing phase, where you focus on giving potential customers additional information about your company. By creating quality content, you will build brand awareness via social networks or Direct Email Marketing strategies. This in turn will lead to the post-purchase phase, and increasing the loyalty of your customers. All lead-nurturing activity, accompanied by the monitoring of results, will quantify the return achieved on lead generation marketing activities.

Lead generation is a fundamental process for the future of a company, as it leads the potential customer through a clear process which will result in a sale. Companies that decide to invest in digital marketing for lead generation purposes, have a competitive advantage over those who don’t. This includes a stronger and more effective relationship with their customers, who can quickly find the products or services they need, as well as benefiting the company, by allowing it to directly address its relevant target market.

Do you own or run a company and want to quickly increase your business’ leads? Then contact Mintense, a digital marketing agency with over 12 years of experience in planning digital marketing strategies tailor-made to the specific needs of our clients.

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